PRICES | Pyrenees Traduction

Please request a detailed offer for the translation of your website, brochures, catalogs, operating instructions and technical literature. Prices depend on the number of words, degree of complexity and urgency. For information only, here is my range of prices:


between 0.07€ to 0.20€ per word, depending on the number of words, complexity and deadline. A document of around 10’000 words can usually be translated within 7 working days.


20€ to 30€ per hour, taking into account that an efficient proof-reading work can be done at a speed of 1,000 word to 2,000 words per hour, depending on the quality of the translation to be proof-read and the ultimate purpose of the translation.

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Payment methods:

Wire transfer, cheque (only if the client resides in France)

To receive a detailed estimate, do not hesitate to send me an extract of your files. I will keep it confidential.